Raddon Subscriptions Keep You Ahead of the Game

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Raddon Subscriptions Keep You Ahead of the Game

Proactively Apply Data to Maximize Performance

To keep improving, leaders need to keep learning.
Raddon subscriptions make it easy to continually measure, analyze and improve operations. We put important research studies and continuous improvement projects practically on autopilot for you.
Through a subscription plan, Raddon sets an annual schedule to measure and report on major performance factors. When the market changes or new opportunities emerge, you don’t have to guess the impact or how to respond. You’ll have historical data and research-backed projections to help you move confidently forward.
Credit unions that measure and benchmark performance regularly with Raddon perform far better over time than those that don’t. Compared to nonparticipants, Raddon-supported credit unions:
  • Are 94 percent more profitable
  • Have 258 percent greater member growth
  • Have 64 percent more loan growth
  • Are 8 percent more efficient

Each Raddon subscription includes a series of studies, combined with 30 years of industry data and trends. Every plan also comes with access to workshops, proprietary research reports, networking opportunities and industry experts.

Get the data – and support – you need to stay ahead of industry trends and grow.

Featured plans

  • Raddon Advisor Edge – Get an in-depth performance analysis of your credit union, covering everything from financial performance and household penetration to member satisfaction and employee engagement
  • Raddon Advisor Leverage – Leverage subscribers get growth calculations and models, a comprehensive review of branch performance, and ideal market segments – in addition to a detailed performance analyses. The Raddon Advisor Leverage plan also includes a full day of coordinated action planning 
  • Raddon Advisor Advantage – Advantage subscribers accumulate all of the benefits above, plus two days of action planning with Raddon experts. Raddon will also create and facilitate custom, goal-oriented trainings for your staff or leadership teams