Raddon Research Insights

The needs of consumers and businesses are changing. Understanding and responding to these changes is paramount to your organization’s success.

Raddon Research Insights examines the financial behaviors, intentions and attitudes of consumers and small businesses on a national scale. Our proprietary research and analysis provide you with market-driven insights in critical business areas such as:

  • Delivery-channel usage patterns
  • Technology adoption
  • Financial product design and usage
  • Emerging competition

Our studies and resulting analysis are delivered in a thought-provoking fashion to equip you with the knowledge and insight to drive better business decisions.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Market

Through our thought leadership studies, webinars and national research conference, Raddon highlights national trends plus consumer and small business behaviors and attitudes in a unique and insightful manner. As a subscriber, you receive a minimum of eight comprehensive research studies and the opportunity to participate in webinars discussing the key findings of each research study. You'll also be invited to participate at a reduced rate in our annual research conference, a three-day event featuring nationally known speakers and Raddon analysts who discuss key trends in the industry.

Gain Insights for Small Business Success

Raddon Research Insights also explores the unique challenges of small businesses and addresses critical issues impacting the delivery and marketing of financial services to this important segment. As a member of Raddon Research Insights, your management will be better equipped to:

  • Improve small business marketing efficiency
  • Increase share of wallet with this segment
  • Create winning competitive strategies

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