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Rebecca Oeltjenbruns

Owner/President Center for Practical Management

Rebecca has worked with financial institutions for more than 20 years providing solutions, software, and services. For the past ten, she has worked as a sales consultant and coach, helping hundreds of bankers improve their sales and service skills, and dozens of bank executives enhance their effectiveness as managers and leaders. Her clients include large banks and credit unions, community-based financial institutions and other service providers in the industry.

Rebecca designs organizations’ unique set of management activities, tools, metrics, and tracking procedures. She facilitates the skill development workshops and reinforcement activities. She also personally conducts the one-on-one coaching with executives and senior managers helping each to build on personal strengths and address personal improvement opportunities.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019
Rebecca Oeltjenbruns

Helen Bevan, CEO of England’s National Health Service, was asked recently about the challenge of preserving gains from one initiative while launching new efforts. She said, “Leaders must make sense of these things.” In a world of constant change for organizations, it’s hard to sustain focus on one initiative when competing interests are always on the horizon.