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Helen Acke McComiskey

Software Solutions Consultant

Helen Acke McComiskey has over 25 years of MCIF/data management experience in the financial industry.  Helen began her career with St. Paul Federal Bank in Chicago and has been with Raddon for the last 18 year. During her tenure at Raddon, Helen has held a variety of roles including Strategic Advisor, software trainer and Service Bureau Manager. Helen has been actively involved in the development, improvement and execution of Integrator and Integrator Advance.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Helen Acke McComiskey

In a changing and growing world of data, can your MCIF system keep up?  To arm you in making better, more informed decisions, your need for more information about your customers increases every day.

Your organization needs the right tools to ensure you continue to connect with your customers as quickly and effectively as possible. Having data in too many places causes confusion, inaccessibility, and worst of all, inconsistent data. A powerful business intelligence tool becomes your one place to store, organize and access all your institution’s data.