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Eric Wittekiend

Strategic Consultant

Eric Wittekiend works closely with community banks and credit unions to help them drive top-line revenue. He is responsible for Raddon’s sales and service culture consulting engagements, focusing on sales metrics, sales tracking and measurement, and reporting systems to support management objectives. Before joining Raddon, he served as vice president of marketing research for a Chicago bank, where worked closely with front-line employees to maximize the performance of the sales organization.

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Leading the Team Through Change
Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Eric Wittekiend

By Eric Wittekiend and Rebecca Oeltjenbruns, Center for Practical Management

In the first quarter of a typical year, leaders face any number of changes in their organizations: acquisitions, reorganizations, new product launches, new management structure. But the COVID-19 pandemic has added a new level of organizational change, combined with unexpected stresses at home.

Managers are critical to helping employees handle the worry, stress and anxiety they may be experiencing so they can move on to acceptance and productive engagement. But how?