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David Irwin


David Irwin joined Raddon following a succession of leadership roles with Fiserv and other companies. Early in his career, he worked for Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and co-founded a VC-funded software company later acquired by AIG.  David is a credit union board member, an advisor to funded fintech ventures in payments and investment analytics, and a student advisor at UW Milwaukee.  He is a former Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a graduate of Dartmouth College (BA) and the Wharton School (MBA).  

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Thursday, April 19, 2018
David Irwin

Are we entering an era of data-ism? David Brooks in the New York Times brought the term into wide circulation in 2013.  Yuval Harari, in his book Homo Deus, depicts a data-ist future in which humans become subservient to data, eroding what we consider free will.  In the Financial Times, Harari writes, “If you don’t like this, and you want to stay beyond the reach of the algorithms, there is probably just one piece of advice to give you, the oldest in the book: Know thyself.”