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Strategic Advisor

Becky Summers joined Raddon in 2017 with a background deep in financial services leadership.  During her nearly twenty-year career with Teachers Credit Union in Indiana, Becky held a succession of roles from the management of service center operations through Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Additionally, for three years immediately prior to joining Raddon, Becky was President and CEO of Ronald McDonald House of Michiana.  She earned a BS in Marketing, Management, and Insurance from Indiana State University. 

General Manager and Chief Economist

Bill Handel is a seasoned product development and management consultant who leverages his knowledge of consumer and business needs – along with his understanding of how financial services profitability is achieved – to help Raddon clients develop innovative product lines. Since he joined Raddon in the 1980s, he has developed a number of unique programs to help financial institutions manage their product lines. Handel also has written several books on financial services product pricing and development.

Managing Strategic Advisor

Bill Jordan leads the Raddon Strategic Advisor team, helping clients gain insight from Raddon analytics and take practical action to yield business results. Previously, Bill  worked in  commercial banking, gaining experience in credit underwriting, relationship management, and executive leadership. He has also served on numerous corporate and nonprofit advisory boards in the Chicago area. He earned a BS in Finance from Iowa State University and an MBA from DePaul University.

Senior Research Analyst

Caroline Vahrenkamp is responsible for Raddon Research Insights, Raddon’s national consumer research program.  A former finance and marketing executive in the credit union industry, she uses her 20 years of experience to find trends and patterns in consumer behavior and to develop solutions for institutions, particularly in their strategic planning, product development, and marketing strategy.

Strategic Consultant

Eric Wittekiend works closely with community banks and credit unions to help them drive top-line revenue. He is responsible for Raddon’s sales and service culture consulting engagements, focusing on sales metrics, sales tracking and measurement, and reporting systems to support management objectives. Before joining Raddon, he served as vice president of marketing research for a Chicago bank, where worked closely with front-line employees to maximize the performance of the sales organization.

Senior Research Analyst

Greg Ulankiewicz develops content for the Raddon Research Insights and Performance Analytics programs, and provides analytical support to strategic advisors at Raddon. He joined Raddon in 2001 as a client manager for the Performance Analytics program. Prior to his current role he was a supervisor for both the bank and credit union Performance Analytics programs, where he managed the delivery channel activity report and the implementations of client checking activity data into Integrator™.

Software Solutions Consultant

Helen Acke McComiskey has over 25 years of MCIF/data management experience in the financial industry.  Helen began her career with St. Paul Federal Bank in Chicago and has been with Raddon for the last 18 year. During her tenure at Raddon, Helen has held a variety of roles including Strategic Advisor, software trainer and Service Bureau Manager. Helen has been actively involved in the development, improvement and execution of Integrator and Integrator Advance.

Strategic Advisor

Jan Trifts has worked with Raddon clients for over 12 years, developing strategies that strengthen their relationships with their customers and members. She has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry including marketing, marketing research, strategic planning, product development, training, customer support and account management. She was a client relations director at CashEdge, where she was responsible for the management of several leading banks.

Strategic Advisor

Jenny has over 13 years of marketing and communications leadership experience within the financial services and healthcare industries. Her passion and experience are focused on helping organizations drive brand awareness, growth, and profitability through leveraging data analysis to implement successful digital marketing strategies. Jenny is dual certified in digital marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute and the American Marketing Association and earned a BSBA in marketing from Central Michigan University.

Strategic Advisor

Jody De Valk joined Raddon in 2018. Prior to joining the Raddon team, Jody spent nearly 20 years in financial services including five years in loan services with Washington Mutual and 15 years with Credit Human (formerly San Antonio Credit Union) in San Antonio, Texas. Jody began his career at the credit union servicing the indirect loan portfolio but over the course of 10 years he would move from the servicing side into production including management roles in underwriting, loan processing and funding.

Strategic Advisor

Karen Kislin is a Raddon strategic advisor who works with clients to develop strategies and implement tactical recommendations that strengthen customer and member relationships. Prior to joining Raddon, Kislin was responsible for strategic planning, branding, advertising and communication efforts for a statewide credit union. She has firsthand experience utilizing Performance Analytics, MCIF, Relationship Survey and Market Area Analysis.

Research Analyst

Lynne joined Raddon in July of 2014. Prior to joining Raddon, she was a researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Over the last decade, Lynne has been working with, and conducting, market research and financial analysis across various industries. In her current role as Research Analyst, Lynne contributes to the Raddon’s syndicated national research program, Performance Analytics, as well as other research initiatives. Lynne has a master’s degree from the University of Chicago.

Senior Research Analyst

Marcus leads Raddon’s Performance Analytics benchmarking program and small business research initiatives. Since joining Raddon in 1998, Marcus has been involved in developing, analyzing, and presenting the results of Raddon’s research and strategic analytics solutions. A frequent speaker at Raddon’s workshops for bank and credit union executives and other industry events, Rothaar provides actionable guidance and data-driven insights to help financial institutions drive growth and performance improvement.

Strategic Advisor

Marcy Scanlin, CFMP, has been a Strategic Advisor with Raddon for four years. She has worked as a financial services professional for 32 years, 17 of which has been working with hundreds of banks and credit unions in leveraging business intelligence data and technology. For the first 15 years of her financial services career, she was the Senior Vice President of Marketing for three financial institutions in New York State, and was a Raddon client. Marcy is one of the founding members of the CUNA Marketing Council. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, with a BS in Journalism, and

Strategic Advisor

Megan Cummins works with Raddon clients, providing analytical, strategic and tactical recommendations. During her 14 years with Raddon she has held a variety of roles in Performance Analytics and Integrator™ training and implementation.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA in Marketing and Management from North Central College.

Owner/President Center for Practical Management

Rebecca has worked with financial institutions for more than 20 years providing solutions, software, and services. For the past ten, she has worked as a sales consultant and coach, helping hundreds of bankers improve their sales and service skills, and dozens of bank executives enhance their effectiveness as managers and leaders. Her clients include large banks and credit unions, community-based financial institutions and other service providers in the industry.