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Reach Consumers at the Right Time with Predictive Analytics

Understand and Anticipate Consumer Needs Through Data-Driven Marketing

Today’s consumer demands and expects a relevant and personalized experience at every touchpoint. They expect their financial institution to understand and even predict their next major life event and provide help to make smart financial decisions.

Predictive Analytics from Raddon effortlessly combines the complex functions of predictive analytics, dynamic campaign management, personalized multichannel message delivery and actual ROI measurement in a fully managed monthly subscription service tailored specifically for financial institutions.

Using key indicators based on transactional, lifestyle and other behavioral data, Predictive Analytics helps you understand and anticipate the needs of your customers so you can serve them highly relevant, personalized experiences at the precise moment they need it most. 

Key Features

  • Predictive Analytics – Analyze transactional data and behavioral data to determine consumer interest and intent by assigning key lifestyle indicators (KLIs) to every individual
  • Dynamic Campaign Management – Quickly identify and define KLI-targeted audiences, set up KLI-targeted campaigns and then launch campaigns into market within minutes
  • Multichannel Message Delivery – With our “always on” delivery, continuously serve targeted messages to only those individuals with the right KLI mix and aligned with your overall strategy. Deliver to both the digital channels (public and private websites, mobile devices, and millions of third-party websites) as well as to the assisted channels (branch, call center, email and direct mail marketing systems
  • ROI Measurement and Dashboards – Review detailed and comprehensive measurements on new product openings, face value, economic value, member engagement and marketing efficiency
  • Support for Your Team – As part of your monthly subscription, Raddon assigns a senior client advisor to help you and your organization with KLI-targeted strategy, campaign management and delivery as well as sharing campaign results as part of the monthly service. We are an extension of your marketing team and work with you to drive the strategy and execution of highly relevant, highly personalized messages instantly delivered to targeted individuals wherever they are, right at the moment in their lives where they need your organization the most
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