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Integrator Advance™ Illuminates Marketing Challenges and Opportunities

Ensure Profitable Growth through Actionable Business Intelligence

The right business decisions require reliable customer intelligence, whether you’re targeting the best audience for your next loan campaign or developing a strategy to improve cross sales. Integrator Advance is a next-generation marketing analytics platform that offers advanced capabilities including research-based segmentation, cross-sell intelligence, campaign management and management reporting.

Leveraging your Raddon research data, Integrator Advance creates a 360-degree view of business opportunities and challenges through a strategic combination of profitability analysis, market analysis, customer survey results, consumer product trends and data regarding service quality and share of wallet. It includes benchmarking and analytics, direct marketing campaign process and support tools, simplified querying and reports, and platform management tools in a single solution. Graphical dashboards and data visualization tools help keep management and staff informed of changes in customer behavior. Your institution can deploy Integrator onsite or access it in a service bureau environment.

Key Features

  • Web-based Platform – Access the solution across your organization without additional installations or licensing. Run ad hoc queries and reports any time, anywhere
  • Device Independence – Use Integrator Advance on the devices that are convenient for users including PCs, laptops and tablets
  • Fully Customizable Portals and Dashboards – Create customized portals and dashboards including charts, graphs, reports and links to deliver concise data views aligned to the needs of users
  • Flexible Views – View customer and household account relationships, as well as service/channel usage, to design effective and successful campaigns
  • Profitability Tied to Financials – Calculate income and expense on each account, tying expense, loan loss allocation, and non-interest income to your financials. Net interest income is calculated with transfer pricing and also ties to your financials  
  • Relationship Manager – Provide customer-facing staff with a complete view of customer relationships including products used, household members, campaigns received and more. Create customer engagement panels with unique information that can only be captured during customer interactions
  • Activity Manager – Automate internal sales and service processes to quickly and efficiently complete multi-step tasks (optional)
  • Next Multi-Channel Marketing – Enable coordinated, centralized and targeted delivery of offers through your mobile, online, ATM, telephone and in-branch channels (optional)
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