Strategic Services for Banks and Credit Unions

Strategy Services Offer Strategic Guidance to Accelerate Your Performance

Online and mobile adoption, complex regulations and increased competition make sustained revenue and growth more critical than ever for your financial institution. Our unique industry expertise, powered by our proprietary research and benchmarking diagnostics, allows us to tailor market-driven and accountholder-centric strategies designed to attract new accountholders, grow deposits, and expand loan and card portfolios to improve financial performance. 

Strategic Planning

Strategy Services provide an actionable road map based on Raddon’s renowned benchmarking metrics and proprietary consumer and small business research. The engagement is complemented by extensive interactive feedback addressing the unique needs and characteristics of your financial organization.

Board Transformation

New challenges require your board to possess complex problem-solving and decision-making skills. Our engagements are custom designed to enhance board members’ commitment and understanding of their fiduciary and leadership responsibilities. We deliver essential training and tools needed to drive behavioral change. Coupled with our customized presentation and training materials, these tools can help you improve board productivity and facilitate concrete action plans going forward.

Speaking Engagements

Leverage our industry thought leaders to help you communicate your vision to management, the board or employees with greater impact.

Brand Strategy

Raddon offers a Brand Evaluation engagement that begins with an in-depth, customized brand survey which measures consumer awareness of your institution and provides critical information, measuring the effectiveness of media exposure and advertising messages. We analyze survey results in conjunction with your current marketing efforts and develop brand proof points. Each engagement provides in-depth customized recommendations on how to capitalize on your brand strengths and improve weaknesses.

Raddon can facilitate a refresh or rewrite of your vision and mission statements. We help you clearly identify accountholder needs and the associated value proposition of your products and services. The engagement will ensure the mission statement drives your financial institution’s culture and is reflected in every facet of the organization.

Digital Experience Strategy

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, financial institutions need to sharpen their focus on digital strategy and user experience to align with the needs of their accountholders. To help acquire and deepen digital relationships, Raddon develops strategic and executional plans that will lead to the implementation of a consistent, forward-thinking digital banking channel experience. A five-stage approach will be followed for the overall initiative: Discovery, Planning, Integration, Implementation and Measurement.

Retail Banking Strategy

Let Raddon help you define which markets and consumer segments are best matched to your products and services. We leverage your data and our research to define the markets and consumer segments best matched to your products and services. We analyze:

  • Potential market share
  • Growth projections
  • Your competitive landscape 

This provides a thorough opportunity assessment and product road map. These findings are combined with our proprietary research, enabling us to create a retail banking plan that ensures revenue growth, new accountholder acquisition and cross-selling opportunities.

Business Banking Strategy

We provide a comprehensive road map for acquiring and retaining small-business accounts, prioritizing your best opportunities for revenue growth. Engagements begin with an in-depth foundational briefing on key insights, competitive analysis and market-area analysis of the types of businesses to target in your market. Key recommendations are provided for each critical lever, providing an effective go-to-market strategy. Levers include people/organizational structure, products, marketing, sales and analytics.

Branch & Market Expansion Analysis

Most institutions are being challenged to rethink their branch strategies for long-term success. Raddon can determine your optimal number of branches, locations and branch types. This market area analysis will help you identify the best markets for your financial institution to offer products and services. Potential market share, growth projections and the competitive landscape are all synthesized to provide a thorough opportunity assessment. Leveraging our research data and your financial information, we can also analyze the efficiency of current branch locations and provide guidance on the location of future branches.


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