Integrator Advance for Service Bureau

Leverage Automated Campaign and List Management Services

Integrator Advance Service Bureau is a fully automated, serialized campaign and marketing management service maintained and driven by Raddon financial services marketing experts. By leveraging exclusive research, industry knowledge and best practices through Integrator Service Bureau, you can reduce onsite marketing costs, deliver household intelligence to the front lines, and provide timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends and forecasts.  Plus, you’ll reap all the benefits of the industry knowledge and experience Raddon offers.

Integrator Advance System Management, Queries and Reports

Using monthly data files provided by your organization, Raddon will build and maintain standardized databases for marketing services. Also available are specialized services such as campaign analysis and measurement, list imports, serialized matrix mail campaigns and demographic data appends. 

Direct Marketing Support

Raddon serves as an extension of your own marketing team to provide direct marketing processing and support. Based on your business objectives, Raddon delivers a variety of routine services, such as periodic database builds, file maintenance, standard reports and other routine tasks. Raddon can also assist with campaigns, reporting, lists, analysis and measurement.  

Advanced Data Solutions

Raddon is a full-service provider of appended demographics. Enhance your marketing database by appending consumer financial demographics for comprehensive analysis and target marketing campaigns. Data variables can help you select the most eligible prospects for your financial offers, reducing mail volumes and overall campaign costs. 

The Strategic Advisor Advantage

Every Integrator Advance client benefits from our strategic advisor service. Working as an extension of your executive team, your advisor will help you identify opportunities for growth and improved performance through an assessment of your performance analytics, competitive landscape, past financial and marketing performance, and annual goals and objectives. 

Your organization can also deploy and manage Integrator Advance on-site.



Learn more about using Integrator Advance in a Service Bureau environment.

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