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Employee Viewpoint Survey Accelerates Growth and Productivity

Employee Viewpoint Survey from Raddon provides your management team with feedback about your company culture, employee engagement and the quality of service you provide. Financial institutions that have used the results of this survey to increase employee engagement have realized:

  • 33 percent higher return on assets (ROA) scores
  • 69 percent higher revenue growth
  • 79 percent higher Net Promoter scores
  • 31 percent higher share-of-wallet scores

What the Survey Measures

  • Internal Service Standards
    Learn which departments are doing well and what can be improved.​
  • Customer Service Quality
    Employees’ perceptions about service quality enable you to prioritize training initiatives.
  • Employee Engagement
    Understand employee engagement in order to develop strategies to increase productivity and improve your bottom line.
  • Your Sales Culture
    We help you identify ways to enhance sales competence and performance.
  • Management Performance
    Find out if managers are doing their best to support employees and facilitate teamwork.
  • Compensation and Benefits Perceptions
    Understand how perceptions about compensation impact employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Training and Development Perceptions
    Uncover any training and development gaps and identify opportunities for improvement.
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