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Mind Over Metrics

Raddon Insights Bring Your Measurements to Life

Survey Services from Raddon feature performance-correlated measurements that help financial institutions improve the connection that customers, employees and the marketplace experience with their brand.

Relevant Metrics
Raddon has been measuring advocacy of customers of our client organizations for 30+ years.  Our rich history of proprietary, performance-correlated metrics have stood the test of time.  Organizations participating in our group Survey programs tend to perform 31% better than those that don’t.

Proprietary Benchmarks
With over 160 annual participants, our industry peer comparisons, trends and proprietary benchmark data provide an added layer of perspective that no other provider can match. Participants use this information to gauge performance and prioritize their improvement efforts.

Strategic Advisors
Raddon’s Strategic Advisors are experienced industry experts who apply their knowledge, insights and practical experience to help your organization understand your research findings, highlight your strengths and opportunities and set goals.

Relationship Survey (Consumer and Small Business)

The Relationship Survey is your key to understanding the household relationships within your customer base. Results show you how to improve existing relationships, build loyalty and maximize the revenue potential for key customer segments.

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Touchstone Metrics

Raddon’s Touchstone Metrics program allows you to consistently monitor what is happening within your organization to ensure that you are delivering what your brand has promised.  As an ongoing assessment of the customer experience, the Touchstone Metrics program includes the tracking of key metrics that correlate with higher levels of loyalty and advocacy.

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Employee Viewpoint Survey

Employee opinions and engagement affect internal productivity and influence bottom-line performance. This survey helps you identify areas for improvement and focus future training and development efforts on areas that will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Brand Benchmark

The Brand Benchmark Study measures your brand strength against that of your peers who operate within similar markets. Results provide insight on how your brand is resonating within your markets and helps to uncover areas of opportunity.  Knowing the perception of your brand within your market is critical to sustained growth.

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