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"...at times we affectionately refer to RFG as our Chicago office because they are so much a part of our team."

Jon Reske
UMass Five College Federal Credit Union
Raddon has helped our credit union in so many positive ways over the years I really don't know where to begin. The biggest effect this partnership has had on us is how we think. We have become far more strategic and proactive. They have helped us better understand our members and how best to build long lasting relationships with them. They have explained to us the real metrics that really matter if you want to grow. We not only have the tools to drill deep into our member data but they also provide a level of expertise, knowledge, and support which is truly top notch. In many ways they are an extension of our marketing department, and at times we affectionately refer to them as our "Chicago office" because they are so much a part of our team. They have a great group of people working there and I am fortunate and pleased to say that in so many ways they are not only our strategic partners but also our friends."