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"Raddon truly understands banking and all the challenges that entails."

Mike Romey
Citizens National Bank
“The information gained from Raddon solutions and the knowledge available through our strategic advisor makes Raddon part of our team. Our participation in the CEO Strategies Group helps us set benchmarks and track our progress through side-by-side comparisons with our peers. We value the sheer volume of information we’re able to maintain about our customers and the ability to take that information and drill down in order to identify our most profitable households and more effectively market to our customers through small, targeted campaigns. It’s really the driving force behind our annual marketing plan. There is not another company in our industry that offers the same type of solutions that Raddon does. Products such as CEO Strategies Group and Integrator are truly unique. We rely on Raddon to provide us with accurate comparisons and to be honest about where we can make improvements in order to increase our performance. The information we gain from Raddon is extremely valuable to our bank.”