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"Raddon helps us dive deeper and focus on what's needed to survive and thrive."

Mike Mastro
Firefighters First Credit Union
“There are a handful of business partners I would be comfortable categorizing as a trusted advisor. Raddon is in a category of folks that educates us, who provide top notch value opportunity and who I can trust. I believe in the analysis they provide, their recommendations and expertise they offer. Raddon’s survey solution has helped us dive deeper, really engage with our members. When we started the process, our service level was at a 90% level. That was not good enough for our membership. It forced us to look at averages and what other credit unions were doing and think through what drove those ratings. I am pleased to tell you that we are currently at a 98% level. Now the goal is to be sustainable and even take the ratings a notch higher. We use the intelligence we gain from Raddon across the board at our organization and it’s now part of our culture. Raddon provides excellent direction and advice that has enabled us to improve our organization and helps us focus appropriately on the tactics and strategies that we need to implement to survive and thrive.“