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Automate Target Marketing!

iMATRIX is a powerful automated tool for targeting customers, so you can promote the right product, to the right prospect, at the right time.

iMATRIX makes complex marketing easy. RFG’s expert researchers will help you automate effective matrices that impact the bottom line. RFG is committed to providing reliable, client-driven solutions, and iMATRIX is no exception. iMATRIX is specifically designed to help you improve marketing efficiency and increase household profitability. At the same time, iMATRIX gives you the reporting tools to measure campaign effectiveness and generate meaningful ROI.

How Does it Work?
iMATRIX is a flexible tool which lets you execute multi-dimensional promotional campaigns. You design a campaign, defining how many times and through which channels you will make contact with a prospect. Then, you define what action you will take with the prospect based on their response.

For a given campaign, you specify the type of contact you make: direct mail, phone call, email, statement stuffer, etc. After the campaign, you measure response against your household database. Choose from built-in report options or customize reporting with iNTEGRATOR’s Cross-Tab Report Generator. Finally, maximize cross sales by determining the next campaign for your target group.

Tactical Support
Software can only take you so far - real success depends on a good plan. With iMATRIX, you can rely on RFG for tactical support. Armed with consumer research, your CEO Strategies and Survey information, your RFG Partner Support Team can help you design and implement reliable product matrices.



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