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Credit Card Analysis

RFG's Credit Card Analysis will show you how to increase card profitability, strengthen card relationships, and find new sales opportunities. 

The Credit Card Analysis will provide you with a better understanding of credit card usage and behavior at your institution. Find effective tactics within the four main strategic areas to grow your card portfolio:
      - GROW credit card balances
       - ACTIVATE inactive cardholders

       - Increase USAGE
RETAIN profitable cardholders

You'll also develop key insights into
the five primary card segments: Inactive Cardholders, Moderate Users, Balance Rollers, Convenience Users, and Heavy Card Users.  Your marketing team can fully identify which segments to target for which tactics based on your growth and retention goals.

Working with a growing number of credit card processors, we are able to collect and analyze your members credit card data to provide the high quality and insightful analysis you expect from RFG.  Once processed and analyzed, we create a detailed 75 to 100 page report with recommended tactics.  We  review the analysis report with you and your senior management at a regional conference, or using an online Web teleconference with one of our analysts.  This ensures you get a complete understanding of the Credit Card Analysis and full value. 

The C
redit Card Analysis is an affordable analysis designed specifically to help institutions improve household profitability, segment by product relationships, and identify new sales and cross-sales opportunities. The objectives of the Program include:

  • Providing a comprehensive look at how credit cards impact household level relationships and profitability 

  • Increasing the utilization of credit cards

  • Analyzing card product penetration across consumer segments

  • Addressing cross-sell opportunities

  • Identifying sales and marketing opportunities to leverage credit card products

For more information about this unique program, visit our online Frequently Asked Questions area.

To request a Participation Agreement for this analysis, use the the Online Participation Form, call us at 800-827-3500 or email us at  for complete information.


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