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The Benefits of Transaction-level Activity Data
In the quest for more detailed and tactically oriented analysis, RFG has recently added transaction-level activity data to it's products. This has numerous benefits for banks and credit unions. A small change in customer behavior can mean a substantial improvement in your bottom line. Find opportunities for:
  - Cross Selling New Products
  - Strengthening Existing Relationships
  - Improving Operational Efficiency

RFG has added activity data to two of its existing products, the iNTEGRATOR MCIF system and the CEO Strategies Group Program, and has created an entirely new analysis report based on activity data.

Delivery Channel Activity Report
Wouldn't it be great if you knew the answers to questions like:
   Should we add more ATMs?
   Would Electronic Checking be popular with our customers?
   Where can I cut operational expense without sacrificing service?

Checking account Activity data is used to produce a new analysis report - the Delivery Channel Activity Report -- that focuses on how your customers use the channels available to them. This helps you to make better-informed decisions so you can meet customer needs while maintaining control over costs.

This 80 page report is packed with useful information including which channels are most profitable, highlights the channels that indicate ongoing member loyalty, and where unexpected expenses lie. The report is presented via Internet conference by an RFG analyst to your senior management. A Powerpoint version and a printed version are also provided.


Activity + MCIF
If you use RFG's iNTEGRATOR MCIF system, you'll want to add Activity data as soon as possible. Using Activity-based tactics, you can identify a highly qualified list of matching customers and then create a customized pitch for them. This can result in higher than usual conversion rates. For instance:

Convert a transaction cost into an income generator using the POS vs. Swipe-and-Sign tactic,

Strengthen checking account relationships while reducing costs with the Direct Deposit tactic,

Sell the right loan to the right person at the right time with the New Auto Loans and PC Banking tactic,

Drill down into individual accounts to look for subtle trends, commonalities, and causation. Find out what a checking account costs, and how much it earns. Create your own queries and tactics. New activity data can be incorporated into iNTEGRATOR as frequently as your regular MCIF database updates, thereby ensuring an accurate and detailed portrait of your checking households.

If you don't have iNTEGRATOR, you can still try these powerful tactics as part of our  45-day Trial Service Bureau, included at no additional cost if you purchase the Delivery Channel Activity Report.


CEO Strategies Group
Activity data refines checking account, ATM income and expense information, as well as check card trends, non-interest income and other aspects relating to checking accounts. You'll know what your checking accounts cost and what they earn.


Generating Activity Data
Collecting activity data from data processing systems is a well understood process. With some systems there may be an additional cost to purchase software that extracts and summarizes activity data, while others may require in-house developed queries and scripts. For more information about specific systems, please see the Activity FAQ page.


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