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Why choose RFG?
RFG only works within the financial services industry. Our dedicated industry focus allows us to offer an in-depth level of knowledge. We have over 25 years of financial service research expertise and possess the tactical insight to provide proven, effective strategic recommendations with our findings. With hundreds of clients participating each year, you receive comprehensive benchmark comparisons to gauge your institution’s effectiveness. 

How can participating improve my bottom line? 
Your customer data will allow you to prioritize resource allocation to reduce costs and achieve the greatest ROI, target investments in marketing, sales, and services, and make better (more informed) business choices, all through market intelligence and customer feedback. 

Can my findings be compared to my other RFG research? 
Yes. All of RFG’s research products are integrated and survey findings can be applied/compared to other studies performed.

What do the survey programs cost?
The syndicated nature of the Relationship Survey, Share of Wallet Survey and Service Quality Survey provides you with high quality research at a cost that is thousands less than fully customized surveys with the added benefit of group and peer comparisons that individual custom surveys fail to deliver. Additionally, Service Quality Survey and Share of Wallet Survey participants can realize even lower costs as the reduced sample size translates into lower printing and mailing costs. For specific pricing information and program options, send us a request for proposal.

How does the Service Quality Survey differ?
The Service Quality Survey allows your institution to focus in on important information pertaining to customer satisfaction and service quality. By basing strategic plans on improving specific service quality issues, your institution can build loyalty that will translate into increased revenue. Financial institutions who are primarily interested in focusing on service quality now have an appropriate survey program available to them. Similar to the Relationship Survey, the Service Quality Survey will allow institutions to identify service quality improvement priorities using a singularly focused survey vehicle with a reduced price.

How large does my institution have to be to participate?
Using our unique 7-cell sampling and weighting methodology, overall size does not affect obtaining an accurate sample. As a benchmark, your institution’s overall customer-base should be 7000+ customers to effectively segment the customer-base into our 7-cells. Given the higher response rate and smaller sample size, institutions may have a smaller overall customer-base to participate in the Service Quality Survey. 

Can participating lead to increased product sales?
Yes. The Relationship Survey provides you with an assessment of the loan, deposit and investment potential within your current  households. Customer demographics and current product usage patterns are analyzed to determine what percentage of your customer-base offers high potential for future sales. Once customer potential is established, the likelihood of the institution capitalizing on this potential is determined by combining loyalty factors. Then, RFG’s Targeting Matrix shows the projected dollar volume and marketing efficiency for each product by customer segment in your household database. It has been proven to be highly effective in setting product-specific sales goals and increasing direct marketing efficiency.

We have more questions...
If you have further questions concerning any aspect of the Relationship Survey, Share of Wallet Survey and/or Service Quality Survey, contact RFG for more information at 800-827-3500 or


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