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Strategic Planning Study Group (SPSG)

Semi-Annual Research Study of Consumer Financial Behavior.

Program Overview
RFG's Strategic Planning Study Group (SPSG) provides retail product solutions and specific marketing strategies and tactics that will:

  • Lower product acquisition costs

  • Improve service quality and product profitability

  • Increase share of wallet

Our Interactive Approach 
We begin with our clients who identify critical retail product related issues; then we talk to financial institution customers. Armed with consumer behavior data, competitive and financial trend data, and analytical resources unparalleled in the industry, the Raddon team of specialists focus on developing product solutions, continually throughout the year.

Consumer Research 
The cornerstone of our program is a semi-annual research study of consumer financial behavior. Marketing decision makers use this research and other program elements as a product planning tool to gain market-driven insights based on practical segmentation schemes. Membership in the group provides you with unique consumer information and most important, strategic and tactical product recommendations.

Competitive Trends 
We distill the glut of new product and delivery channel information down to a concise report on...what's new... what's working... what's not.

Strategic Updates 
Periodic "Updates" complement our research by analyzing rapidly changing product/delivery marketing environments.

Workshops/Conference Calls
Optional workshops are held in conjunction with the release of the Spring and Fall research studies in several regions across the country. Some clients prefer to review the research within the comfort of their office via conference call.

Executive Summaries
Following each series of program workshops, clients receive an Executive Summary, a snapshot look at the most important issues discussed. It's an excellent way to benefit from all the various regional workshop discussions even if you're unable to attend.

Product Solutions Hotline
We recognize the need for ongoing assistance in marketing your products and service throughout the year, not just the Spring and Fall when we have direct communication as a result of distributing our research reports. Consequently, you and your associates can pick up the phone for a personalized "call on us" consultation at no extra cost, any time, as often as you like.

High Value & Affordable Price
That's a quick overview of the SPSG program. We have about 200 SPSG clients around the country, and the program is now approaching its 25th year. We continually enhance the program and as a result, it has remained one of the industry's best values.


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