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Together with iNTEGRATOR, Leadbuilder generates new opportunities by displaying client–specific messaging and MCIF-generated cross sales opportunities in the form of a banner on the frontline service rep’s desktop -- regardless of platform application.

With one click and no toggling, tellers can indicate the client’s response to an offer by clicking Accept, Decline, or even Snooze if the time is not right.

Leadbuilder is designed to dramatically increase revenue by generating more leads at the point of customer interaction when the customer is most open to considering offers!

Leadbuilder features/benefits:

  • Maximize growth potential through frontline selling

  • Improve top line revenue and sales

  • Qualify new opportunities on-the-fly

  • Create an active sales process throughout the organization

  • Distributes iNTEGRATOR generated marketing campaigns to touchpoints

  • Imports campaign data from iNTEGRATOR

  • Monitors the core banking session and any teller or platform application

  • Presents offer as a banner on the teller’s screen

  • Captures customer response with “one-click” creation of a qualified lead referral

  • Captures lead referrals for products the customer expresses interest in

  • Runs unobtrusively and integrates with any core and/or existing CRM system



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