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Prospect List Management

iLIST is a powerful tool for targeting prospects with increased marketing efficiency.

Why iLIST?
Financial institutions have a wealth of data available to them. However, turning data into information which generates new business is not an easy task. That’s why RFG developed iNTEGRATOR List (iLIST).

Purchasing list data (age, income, home ownership, etc.) of consumers in your market can give you more prospects than your current household database. However, some of those prospects may already have accounts with your institution, and you do not want to make the mistake of targeting someone for a product you already provide them.

How Does it Work?
iLIST organizes list data by customer and non-customer, so you can efficiently target market the right product.  Plus, iLIST is not a standalone software application. RFG can add this feature to your existing iNTEGRATOR MCIF system. This means you will not need to maintain and update additional software to use iLIST.

During the import process, iLIST matches existing individuals and households from your database with those on the incoming list. The program determines which incoming records represent individuals and households who currently hold accounts with you and those who do not.

After you import the list, you can view the database in three different segments:

  • Current account holders/households with the added list record information

  • Current account holders/households without additional list record information

  • New business prospects with the list record information

Each segment or combination of segments can be used to target market your financial products.

Tactical Execution
RFG’s expert database marketing professionals can help you implement customer acquisition campaigns using iLIST. RFG also offers turnkey solutions to help you with direct mail and campaign measurement.



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