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ActivityManager is a full-featured business process management solution that tracks client inquiries and seamlessly routes qualified leads to the right people within the organization for action, preventing the loss of valuable leads and other client requests.

ActivityManager also provides workflow automation capabilities that can be customized to better manage your institutionís unique sales and service processes, including:

Onboarding New Account Surveys
Investment Referrals Outbound Calling
Closed Account Surveys Market Audit for Branches
Mortgage Referrals Internal Communications
Loan Processes Auto Loans
Dormant Account Processes Money Order/Check Stop Payment

ActivityManager features/benefits:

  • Streamline existing  manual business processes

  • Prevent loss of valuable leads and other key customer requests

  • Evaluate your organizations' ability to sell

  • Ensure greater control of employee assignments

  • Provide your marketing, operational, service and sales departments with access to the activity database tables for reporting, tracking and management of vital assignments

  • Optimize your objectives, resources and time

  • Manage third-party lead generation programs efficiently



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