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Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence

The right business decision requires reliable business intelligence. Whether it’s identifying the best audience for your next auto loan campaign or developing a strategy to improve customer participation, iNTEGRATOR and RFG’s team of Strategic Advisors provide the answers to more than 500 financial institutions nationwide.

With RFG’s evolutionary profitability model, nextPROFIT, iNTEGRATOR offers unparalleled management reporting capabilities based on consistent financials mapped from your institution's general ledger.

iNTEGRATOR’s advanced functionality and industry-leading customer intelligence is complemented by a dedicated team of Strategic Advisors who evaluate each client’s challenges and opportunities to deliver a custom Earnings Improvement Plan every six months.

Integration is Key.

At RFG, we integrate data from all our research programs to provide a total solution. RFG’s solution combines strategic profitability analysis, market analysis research, service quality, share of wallet, survey findings and consumer product trends to give institutions a thorough look at their opportunities and challenges. iNTEGRATOR is the implementation tool for RFG’s research solution, making strategies and tactics actionable and measurable.

iNTEGRATOR 8 is now armed with two new applications, iNTEGRATOR Leadbuilder and iNTEGRATOR ActivityManager, giving financial institutions referral tracking and workflow/process management capabilities that promise to propel your retail strategy to new levels.


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