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What is CEO Strategies Group?

The CEO Strategies Group integrates your institution’s household database and financials to offer a unique look at household profitability, product opportunities and overall performance.

Some benefits you can expect by participating in the CEO Strategies Group include:

  • Improve revenue, efficiency, margins and sales

  • Assess product line to maximize customer participation and earnings

  • Leverage your branch investment for customer and balance growth

Over 1000 institutions have participated in the CEO Strategies Group program.

What to Expect When You Join...

RFG’s objective is to provide financial institutions with a comprehensive analysis of integrated household and financial data, through which RFG can offer new product ideas, strategic guidance and actionable customer segmentation. The CEO Strategies Group is a semi-annual program. Twice a year clients receive a 400+ page report that includes:

  • Strategic overview of performance based on operational efficiency, net interest margin management, non-interest income and relationship management.

  • Analysis of customer participation and identification of cross-sell opportunities.

  • Comprehensive product assessment to determine the profitability of each product.

  • Thorough branch performance analysis.

A one-year membership in the CEO Strategies Group includes:

  • Two customized CEO Strategies Group reports

  • Two regional workshop meetings

  • Two executive summaries

  • Optional onsite presentation of results

  • The New President’s Report (designed to show you the dollar value of the strategic and tactical recommendations so you can prioritize strategic initiatives based on their impact to the institution.) CLICK HERE to view a sample President's Report.

Why CEO Strategies Group?

  • Improve performance

  • Leverage your branch investment

  • Grow balances

  • Expand relationships

  • Acquire new customers


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