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Sample Dormant Letter

Dear Customer,

Your ongoing business at ABC Bank is very important to us, therefore we must call your attention to a matter regarding your account.

Our records indicate that your account has been inactive (dormant) for more than one year. It is bank policy to charge a $5 monthly fee for any dormant account over one year without any activity, and below a $100 balance. 

Please take this opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with ABC Bank. We offer many products and services that will assist you in meeting your financial needs including low interest auto loans, home equity loans, Money Market accounts, and much more. Take a look at the enclosed Financial Services Pamphlet and call me at 303-555-1234 if you would like to discuss your particular needs.

You can update your account by making a deposit or a withdrawal, and your checking account will no longer show as dormant.


Julie Smith,
Customer Service Manager
ABC Bank


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