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Modern Woodmen Bank Steve Ollenburg
"It's difficult to conceptualize our business without Raddon as a partner"
Citizens National Bank Mike Romey
"Raddon truly understands banking and all the challenges that entails."
Firefighters First Credit Union Mike Mastro, President/CEO "Raddon helps us dive deeper and focus on what's needed to survive and thrive"
Marshall Community Credit Union Heather Luciani, CEO "Professional, reliable, forward-thinking and a valuable strategic partner."
Logix Federal Credit Union Phil Hart, COO "Raddon people make the difference.  They clearly want to help us succeed."
North Shore Bank Kevin Wilderman, VP of Marketing "I would recommend the Raddon team and their solution!”
MidCountry Bank Stephanie Luk, Marketing Analyst "Everyone on the support team is so helpful, patient and knowledgeable.”
Amboy National Bank Dennis Kane, Marketing Director "SPSG continually takes research to a new level..."
Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh William Elliott, Vice President "We reduced our mail by 30%"
TD Banknorth Leigh Bagley, Senior Vice President, Product Development "RFG is in tune with the critical issues that affect the financial services industry..."
Dupaco Community Credit Union Bob Hoefer, President/CEO "Thank you for your expert insights and the facilitation of such a great planning session."
Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union Jeffrey Hendrickson, President/CEO "If you are not using Raddon, you are missing out on a clear, viable advantage."
ISU Credit Union BJ Fillingame, Marketing Specialist "...iNTEGRATOR provides us a voice and identity within our organization.”
Priority ONE Credit Union Melissa Roukous, Director of Marketing and Business Development "The passion that you have for helping us become a better credit union is quite obvious.”
FirstLight Federal Credit Union Irene Cortinas, Financial Analyst "The level of service is probably the best that I have encountered among all organizations that I currently deal with...”
Arizona Central Credit Union Tod Pearson, Sr. Vice President/COO "I highly recommend RFG for the Strategic Planning Process!"
Charlotte Metro Credit Union Bob Bruns, CEO/President "Many of my Board and management felt it was our most analytical and productive session yet."
Royal Credit Union Jason Christopherson, Marketing Research Coordinator "Not only did I say I would be likely to recommend Raddon to another financial institution, I have actually done it…”
Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union Joe Mirachi, CEO/President "Our Strategic Planning session this year was an overwhelming success!"
Patriot Federal Credit Union Tom Iacona, Vice President of Marketing "...we are pleased to be consistently among the top 5% of credit unions..."
California Coast Credit Union Bill Legg, Research and Development "We have been very pleased with the eResearch program"
Central Credit Union of Maryland Brea Abel, Marketing Director "The service we receive from you is AMAZING!"
Centris Federal Credit Union Cathy Madsen, VP, Marketing & Business Development "I love this report!"
Connexus Credit Union Val Mindak, Chief Operating Officer "we look  forward to a long lasting relationship"
Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union Dale Fosselman, VP, Corporate Development " incredible competitive advantage"
Financial Partners Credit Union Mike Terzian, Director, e-Branch Sales "SPSG provides great insight into areas that we don't typically see..."
HealthCare Associates Credit Union Andrea Moore, Marketing Manager "I praise your organization for hiring the best people possible"
Service 1st Federal Credit Union Linda S. Brown, Senior VP of Member Services & Marketing "...we have a recipe for success!"
Directions Credit Union Brenda Covrett, Director of Marketing "SPSG is a great way to keep in touch with the financial services marketplace"
UMass Five College Federal Credit Union Jon Reske, VP Marketing " times we affectionately refer to RFG as our Chicago office because they are so much a part of our team."
Watermark Credit Union Chuck Cockburn, President & CEO "...I want to thank your organization for an outstanding job."

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